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What level of maintenance is being applied to your Vertical Transportation Assets?

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

So, you currently have a fully-comprehensive "all inclusive" Maintenance Agreement in place... but is that actually enough to ensure that your valuable Vertical Transportation assets are protected and being maintained???

Regular, independent auditing of your VT equipment is a great way to determine what has been happening behind those Lift doors, in the machine room, liftwell or escalator truss.

Unchecked, the standard of servicing may become reactive, rather than proactive, or minimalist in nature. Over time, the performance, reliability and safety of Lifts and Escalators may decline.

We include some of our findings from recent equipment audits, which are somewhat concerning.

Ideally, in addition to regular equipment auditing, we also recommend the implementation of an LML customised, performance-based Maintenance Agreement.

The LML performance-based Maintenance Agreement provides our Clients with a useful and simple "management tool" of the Lift Contractor, fair to both parties, to deliver improved performance, reliability and safety and providing protection of the Vertical Transportation asset by ensuring longevity of the equipment.

At LML, our team of Consultants are all industry trained specialists who have extensive 'hands-on' experience across a diverse range of Lift and Escalator equipment, having held various Operations and Technical Field positions, as well as Senior Management roles with some of the major global elevator companies in Australia and internationally including; Boral Elevators, KONE Elevators, KONE AG, OTIS Elevator Company, Schindler Lifts, Johns & Waygood Limited and ThyssenKrupp Elevator.

With combined industry experience which exceeds 200 years, we have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the industry and an extensive understanding of operations that benefits our Clients.

Being industry trained gives LML the unique ability to carry out our services without having to co-ordinate the Lift Contractor, or requiring assistance from the Lift Contractor, in many cases, which helps reduce consultancy fees.

Whenever you need us, please don't hesitate to contact one of our industry trained specialists. National Hotline 1300 001 LML.


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