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NBN (TM) Lift Emergency Communication Facilities

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

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Getting independent advice for your Lift communication facilities to ensure connectivity as the NBN is rolled out.

The majority of Lift phones installed in the Australian market are 'Line-Powered'. This means that they use existing 48V DC power that runs on the copper wire network to operated.

While the existing copper network usually works during a power outage due to telephone exchanges having their own backup power - the NBN network uses fibre optic technology in parts of the network, which cannot carry power.

When NBN disconnect the copper network and switch over to the NBN network this power will no longer be available - line powered lift phones will no longer work.

So which particular product and solution is best suited for your building?

There a number of products, providers and various technologies currently available to ensure future connectivity of Lift communication facilities

We can establish if your phones are affected by inspecting of the existing equipment and network, and recommend the most appropriate product.



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