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Wow.... 5 years already and what an amazing journey thus far!!!

Since August 2013 when we first launched in Melbourne, LML now have branch offices in Brisbane and Adelaide and operate across Australia. We are extremely proud of our team of carefully selected industry trained specialists, who bring together in excess of 200 years of combined 'hands on' industry experience, knowledge and 'know-how', and we are also very thankful to be well supported by our amazing Administration support staff.

You know you have a highly experienced team when you happen to mention the name or address of a property and someone in the team knows exactly which brand and model of Lift system is installed, how many entrances are served, what the rated speed is, or better still, in many cases either installed or maintained the Lifts personally and remember the last intermittent fault they fixed. It is this type of industry experience and knowledge that truly sets us apart and allows us to provide the right solutions for our Clients.

We recently managed to get the opportunity to "down tools" briefly and celebrate this 5 year milestone, as well as run an information session and thank everyone for their ongoing support, which sees LML continue to grow dramatically year on year.

So, from all of us here at LML, thanks again for coming along, for believing in us and for your loyal support over the years! We also hope you gained some useful and relevant information from our information session.

We shall continue striving to partner closely with our Clients and understand needs so we can add true value.

Our goals haven't changed... we aim to provide exceptional, professional and timely services and exceed expectations on each project.

For now, its back to work.

Thanks & Cheers.


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